Top Antivirus For Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 then you are the attractive target for the hackers because the Windows is the most popular? world PC operating system. Security situation on this Windows has improved radically since the past days of the Windows XP, but with many users which means under threat.

A reality is, you still require the regular updated antivirus packages to keep your pc safe from any threat. This is because the malicious guys are continually looking for the new ways of accessing your data and then control the system. From ransom ware to fileless attack and the blended malware, there have been many threats, there has been great danger and here are top antivirus for Windows 10.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Free Antivirus has been the top antivirus for long time, and it has regularly appear the top in the labs testing. Kaspersky Free Antivirus offering you top-rated antivirus engine and with the intelligent blocking of the malicious links. You do not even need to put up with the ads you only need to leave an app running in the system tray and you will know it is there. It adds the features like file backup, online banking protection, password management, parental controls, and coverage for the Windows

Panda Free Antivirus

The Panda Security has for long been developing the quality antivirus software, and the latest Windows engine detection is the best around. For the evidence, you only need to point the browser for the AVComparatives Real Protection Word tests. For the best-ranked antivirus for Windows 10 protection, Panda Free Antivirus has been in the forefront as only product of receiving the consistent protection score of 100%.
Windows Defender This antivirus has been the best protecting PCs from viruses ever since days of the Vista, but formerly with bit of success. An independent testing frequently have placed Window Defender at a particular protection rankings, with the detection rates of about 60% to 70%. Today the product is very different because it gave the Microsoft about 99.1% protection rating. This translates to the best among many because of the best work of protection.

Bitdefender Antivirus

This antivirus combines the outstanding core antivirus engine together with the array of the smart technologies which keep one safe from any harm. The accurate web monitoring senses and also blocks malicious links together with the vulnerability scanner alerts. With it you will not miss high security patches with the best system settings that save the PC. The secure browser prevent the malware from interfering with the banking and the online shopping transactions which Bitdefender Antivirus has been in the fore front offering the protection to ensures there is no penetration of any foreign threat hence making you documents be safe.

Avast Free version

This new specialty shield Windows 10 protection has added the paid versions which comes to enhance protection on particular part of the PC. Avast Free version essentially has improved with anti-phishing feature which used to exclusively paid the versions. It has Wi-Fi inspector which it analyze quality of the network passwords and the software updater tool which keep the apps up-to-date. It has the password manager and the Rescue Disk feature which allows one to boot the PC wherever there is malware attack.