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Avast Review: The Truth You Will Need

One of the most recognizable antivirus solutions on the market is Avast Antivirus. The company has millions of customers who regularly use its software for personal and business purposes. Is it really good? Let’s find out in the Avast review below.

The pros and cons of choosing this antivirus software

No antivirus in the market comes without flaws. Firstly, because it’s very subjective and some users hate features that others adore and vice versa. Yet, the most common advantages of using Avast Antivirus can be brought down to:

  1. Strong and reliable protection that shields the device from all kinds of online threats and viruses;
  2. A free edition that has generously packed extra tools and features;
  3. The Do Not Disturb Mode that comes in handy in numerous situations;
  4. A user-friendly mobile app with plenty of extras, too;
  5. High scores from independent test labs;
  6. Premium plans are relatively affordable and easy to get;
  7. Lightweight software that has a light impact on system performance.

However, some aspects cause arguments or turn into disadvantages. First of all, the lack of a feature that automatically scans newly added devices and gadgets. In case you often need it, this can become an annoying moment. Secondly, the boot scan takes a lot of time. This can become an issue, too.

Things you can expect from Avast Antivirus

Just like the rest of the popular antivirus solutions, Avast runs on different operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Android. This makes the program very compatible and suitable for various devices in the household. It’s an appealing advantage for those who own different gadgets.

Besides, the software comes with several layers of protection from malware and various viruses. This includes a security plug-in. The feature scans all the online activities and automatically blocks web pages with suspicious or malicious algorithms. It was created to help users get the best possible browsing experience. 

One of the most recent introductions is the Passive Mode. It allows users to run two antivirus programs simultaneously.

Extra features that come in the bundle

Using the intuitive interface, a user can easily get to such extras as a VPN, Game Mode, Do Not Disturb Mode, a Safe Browser, a Password Manager, etc.

There are several scanning options, too. For example, a user can pick a USB, registry startup, auto- or scheduled scans or manually adjust the wanted type of a scan. As soon as they are over, a user also gets a full report.

Real-time protection shields the device from rootkit, Trojan, phishing sites, worms, spyware, and other threats. A personal firewall adds security to online activities.

Every customer can reach out to the support team in case he has some issues or questions. The experienced professionals will quickly help resolve the situation.

Final thoughts

Avast is a well-known reputable company that offers plenty of products for antivirus protection. Users with different levels of experience are sure to appreciate the selection of features. By the way, there are plenty of users who are going to find Avast Antivirus a perfect solution. It’s free, efficient, and lightweight. Everyone who appreciates these factors are sure to find this antivirus convenient and useful. Premium plans are more customizable and flexible. Besides, the company offers other related products.