The general comparison of Android and iPhone

When choosing a mobile device, some people select for its design. Others want the method to work for a long time without recharging. The rest need to have the system completely free from errors and glitches.

In recent years, there has been a rivalry between Android and iPhone. These two platforms have advantages and disadvantages. So, what are the main strengths and weaknesses of both competing platforms?

  •        As for the equipment, there is a considerable difference between the iPhone and Android devices.

Apple is the only company that makes the iPhone and therefore can fully control the compatibility of software and hardware. The Google Android platform is used in their devices by various manufacturers. In this regard, there is a massive selection of Android smartphones that differ in weight, size, function, price, quality, etc. You can find a smartphone that will be much cheaper than the iPhone but will be significantly inferior to it in condition, but you can also see such Android devices that will be superior to the iPhone but will not differ from it in price. Despite Apple’s ability to control both software and hardware components, the company cannot guarantee the 100% quality of its devices, and many have heard about iPhone problems (for example, antenna problems in the iPhone 

  •        Another thing that distinguishes Android from the iPhone is its application stores.

The first one has the Play Market, the second, respectively, Itunes. From the very beginning, Apple scrupulously selected utilities that were loaded into the storage, that is why almost all of them were of high quality. In contrast, Google gave access to everyone. As a result, the number of non-working or unstable applications just went off the scale.

Now, the situation is slightly different, and in terms of the number of programs and their quality, both stores are practically the same.

  •        The advantage of Android is the ability to install applications from almost any source.

Of course, there is a risk of catching the virus, but if the user is careful, this will not happen. If you install something, not from iTunes, the operating system on the iPhone will produce errors. One argument in favor of the iPhone is that many programs are created only for this platform and cannot be installed for Android.

  •        Short battery life is a problem for both users and manufacturers.

But it is quite difficult to determine who is better and who is worse since we have no opportunity to compare all three systems using the same method. It is believed that the iOS power system is more balanced, but Windows and Android have more large batteries, which nowadays every second manufacturer can provide.

Using Android, you can see a detailed graph of the battery life and find out how much energy an application consumes. Many manufacturers also equip their phones with unique- power saving modes that can disable applications or reduce the power consumption of the system.

So, for people who like to customize every little thing on their device, Android will be an excellent choice. The openness of Android allows the companies to expand the capabilities of the platform, adding to it many useful changes that provide additional convenience.

In conclusion, device management may slightly differ depending on the model and manufacturer. However, as a rule, Android-smartphones have a simple and intuitive interface. Using the iPhone is also generally easy since Apple is trying to monitor productivity and make its devices convenient. In other words, all depends on the specific model and the person’s habits because working with both methods is possible.

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