Make Your PPC Campaigns Voice Search Compatible with these Techniques

Are you wondering why to concentrate on voice searches for your PPC campaigns? In 2017, one in five mobile searches was made by voice. Recent reports also suggest that more than 70% of voice searches made are of conversational language. Nowadays, voice search is turning more natural and there is a 20% chance that future mobile search can be a voice search. So, this is the right time to embark on a new journey of optimizing your PPC campaigns with voice search. Even if you are already familiar with Intelligent Personal Assistants for businesses such as Alexas, Cortanas, and Siris, you must learn how to optimize your PPC campaigns for voice search. Albuquerque SEO experts can also help you in this regard.

Tips to Optimize PPC Campaigns for Voice Search

Voice Search Traffic

The first step that you should follow is to check whether your PPC campaigns are receiving voice search traffic. To perform this, you can export a search query report from AdWords. Filter search terms, make a column for ‘search query word count,’ and search for queries over five words. These kinds of search queries are similar to the long tail query.

Phrase Negatives

After finding out the search queries your PPC campaigns are receiving, segregate the voice queries that are slightly relevant to your business but are not ideal for your campaigns. If you have a considerable number of voice queries in this category, then consider adding phrase negatives to avoid further low-quality impressions.

Check the Existing Negatives

If you are running a legacy campaign, then you must add low intent phrase negatives to the PPC campaign. When you are optimizing your PPC campaign for voice searches and SEO in Albuquerque, check the previously existing phrase negatives and remove negatives such as ‘when does,’ ‘how to,’ ‘near me,’ and more.

Voice Search Keywords

After filtering the phrase negatives, now your phrase match keywords will be picking up voice searches within your PPC campaigns. In the beginning stages, your campaign will not be capturing high-value potential queries. Use a keyword tool of your choice to build long tail search queries for your campaign and get a clear insight of what your ideal audiences are searching for. Moreover, using a keyword research tool helps you to make the most of the voice search traffic and add more conversational type keywords to your PPC campaign.

Start testing voice search queries in a low-risk environment and get a leg-up over the competition. Visit  the leading Albuquerque SEO company to find more information about optimizing your PPC campaign for voice search.