The best free antivirus by Reddit

To ensure the confidentiality of information stored on personal computers, users are wondering: which antivirus to choose, what advantages or disadvantages one or another antivirus product has. Antivirus is the first program that you need to install on a new computer. Users who completely neglect anti-virus protection are ideal targets for viruses, malicious attacks, exploits, and other threats. That’s why better to open instruction or read few reviews like avast vs bitdefender The audience of Reddit is convinced that even reliable protection can be obtained free.

Nowadays, there are now a lot of excellent products on the market that offer powerful protection against most modern threats for free, and have additional useful features. Avast antivirus program has a vast audience – more than 400 million people use this particular antivirus, and in Reddit list of top antivirus programs, it occupies a leading position. This is a reliable program that is guaranteed to block new threats, and at the same time, it is easy to use. For example, Avast Free Antivirus solution occupies the charming place among the selected antiviruses in terms of the amount of RAM required.

The latest version of Avast Free Antivirus

The latest version of Avast Free Antivirus has received an automatic game mode that allows users to block notifications and reduce the load on system resources during the launch of games. Besides, the product interface has been thoughtfully redesigned. The built-in password manager is also a useful addition to the necessary security features. The product demonstrates high effectiveness when detecting unknown malware, as well as in identifying the latest zero-day threats. On the other hand, Avast slows down the launch of programs and can sometimes annoy with an abundance of advertisements. But it is nothing in comparison with the main benefits. Among the advantages of using Avast are the following points:

  •        fast system scan,
  •        very flexible application setup,
  •        easy set up of a system check according to the schedule.

AVG copes well not only with the viruses that are in its database but also with those that he has not met before. In general, this antivirus does not provide built-in protection for the browser; it must be installed separately as a plug-in. But AVG has a great option with which you can restore the computer, which is not downloaded because of viruses. Besides, Avast has a built-in password manager that is a necessary thing in our time. Advantages of Avast Free Antivirus:

  •        Automatic updates. By installing this product on your computer, you can no longer worry about whether it supports the latest and best version or not.
  •        Does not slow down your computer.
  •        There are always explanations that appear next to the buttons. So, there is no need to guess what happens if you click on them.
  •        The product is easy to configure and adapt to many of the specific demands of users. And most importantly – according to the December report of an independent resource AV-Test, Avast Free Antivirus detects 100% of malware.

All antiviruses can be downloaded on the official websites of developers. However, most often they are presented only as an online installer and require an internet connection. Thus, if at the moment there is no connection to the Network, you will have to wait with the installation of the program or search for an offline installer.